Skiboots Snowshoes  

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Our male stud cats.

We have been very conscious of the need for establishing a healthy gene pool in the Australian Snowshoe population. With such a limited number of cats currently available it has been vital to import unrelated cats to give us an opportunity to outcross the breed as we go. We have therefore been very fortunate to source three stunning examples of the Snowshoe cat with our three boys.

Southpole JFK (USA)

Bitzaglitz Storm Prince (UK)


 Purr Prints Ontario (Can)


Stud services.

We intend in the future to take visiting Queens to these Stud cats. To ensure the development of the breed in Australia it is vital that the Snowshoe breeders all  work together, and we hope that by making our high quality Imported Studs available it may encourage new breeders to join the Snowshoe program. Anyone interested in breeding Snowshoes is invited to contact us.