Skiboots Snowshoes

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Litter born 9th August 2012. Sire: Carnaby Morocco - Dam: Alfacentory Karli.


Our very first Skiboots litter!

Bred from our first Snowshoe Karli & because there were no Snowshoe males available in Australia at the time this mating had to be an outcross to the beautiful Siamese Carnaby Morocco, owned by Cindylin Cattery at Healesville.

The litter consisted of a single kitten - a lovely Seal Colour Point female who will be staying with us as a future breeding Queen. Named Skiboots Coco this first Generation girl will be a valuable asset to our breeding program. As a colour point with no white she looks like a Siamese, but she is every inch Snowshoe in character with a beautiful loving nature and plenty of mischievous curiosity. Coco will always hold a special place as the first Skiboots kitten!

Pedigree of August 2012 litter