Skiboots Snowshoes  

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(updated 02/02/19) 

The Snowshoe is a medium sized short hair cat with beautiful blue eyes. A very friendly breed, social and interactive, who love to spend time with their humans and also get along very well with other pets. The Snowshoe will delight and entertain you, being very playful and intelligent. They are easy and fun to train for harness and basic tricks. In general you will never be lonely with a Snowshoe in the house! The Snowshoe is a fabulous cat who will give you many hours of pleasure and companionship. The very unique Snowshoe breed is truly one of the cat world's best kept secrets.

We have ONE kitten available now, and ready to go to his new home immediately.

Blue Point male.

RESERVED for Lingrui

This lovely boy is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and ready for his new home now.

MC 956000005103852


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