Skiboots Snowshoes

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(Updated 2020)

Skiboots Snowshoe kittens are very special. These kittens are rare, unique and very individual. The kittens are born in my bedroom and raised in our home for maximum socialisation.


All kittens will be sold desexed, microchipped, F3 vaccinated x 2, Veterinary Health checked and guaranteed healthy. They have been regularly wormed and are free of fleas.


They will be available to approved pet homes only from 12 weeks of age.


A copy of their pedigree will be provided (each kitten will be registered with FCCV). Kittens for Showing and Breeding by special arrangement only. Each kitten leaves with a full kitten pack, including bedding / food / toys to help them settle quickly into their new home.

*Note: When buying a Skiboots Snowshoe kitten you can expect to pay a little more than from the other Snowshoe breeders, this is because of the years of work we have put into establishing this breed in Australia, and the vast outlay we have made in importing the very best bloodlines we could find to launch the Australian Snowshoe. Skiboots has earned a very fine reputation both in Australia and overseas, and this does not come easily. Our cats are proven as wonderful pets, successful Show cats and reliable breeders across many countries.

*Note: we have had a recent price rise, prices current from Jan '21.

Pet prices start from

approx. $1,700 for Colour Point (no white) kittens, up to approx $2,600 for the best marked kittens. The majority of our kittens are around the $2,300 mark.

The rare Tabby Point, Tortie Point, and the exceptionally rare Red Point would be individually priced by negotiation.

By negotiation for the rare Classic Pattern.  

Show and Breed prices on application.


Please keep in mind that the Snowshoe Cat is a highly intelligent, active and social cat. It is therefore not ideal to be left alone for long periods of time & it is preferable if your family is gone all day that the Snowshoe have another pet for company. We will give good discounts for people buying two kittens at once, or we recommend considering the adoption of a rescue kitten at the same time if you do not already have a cat and your family will be absent every day. On rare occasions we may have an adult available for re-homing with a kitten.

It is worthwhile to spend the time reading and watching the various links about Snowshoes on our Snowshoe Snippets page. This should give you a good insight about being owned by a Snowshoe!