Skiboots Snowshoes  

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Skiboots Coco

Coco is a First Generation Snowshoe Seal Colour Point female born in August 2012. She holds a very special place as the first kitten Skiboots bred, and is the result of crossing our queen Alfacentory Karli to the handsome Siamese stud cat Carnaby Morocco owned by Cindylin Siamese cattery.


Coco is a very vibrant & active young lady – she loves to participate in everything that is happening and is usually found supervising my typing skills on the computer keyboard (very helpful) whilst purring her head off. She is just full of purrs and will also chatter to you when spoken to.


I am tremendously grateful to Cindylin for allowing us access to their boy Rocky to create the wonderful Coco. This girl who is a Colour Point, is a genetic diamond for us being a First Generation Snowshoe with new bloodlines for the breed and completely unrelated to two of our stud cats. We look forward to seeing Coco bred back to a Snowshoe and bringing the white pattern back into her Second Generation kittens.